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Welcome to the new Top SEO Consultants site! Based in Bellingham, Wa. Brian Mark, Carolyn Shelby, & David Brown take on the Search engines so you don’t have to! We have a broad range of services to serve your needs. Put the band of geeks from SEO 101 to work for your company today! Here’s some of our services, as always we love to hear from you, please feel free to call (360) 922-0581 for a free 30 minute consultationWe are taking on new clients every week… so give us a call and see if we would be a good fit for your organization !

On site & Off site optimization

  • Keyword Research & Keyword Strategy
  • Web Site Structure Optimization
  • Rank Monitoring & Ranking Trends Analysis
  • Link Popularity & Link Profile Analysis and Improvement
  • Site Quality Assessment & Site Quality Management
  • Web Analytics & Conversion Improvement
  • Visitor Behavior Analysis
  • PPC Campaign Management and ROI Improvement
  • Google Base Feed Optimization
  • Press Release Campaigns
  • And as always Top SEO Consultation services

Our thoughts on Black Hat Techniques

Most often, SEO companies and “consultants” that use spam methods can be detected by their slogans: they “guarantee” you a top-10 or a top-5 placement, in many cases without even specifying that the rankings will be obtained for the keywords you target. It is well publicized by many untrustworthy SEO’s that rankings are cheap and easy to get. That false conviction and the expectation it generates forces some SEO consultants to offer a guarantee of top-5 rankings. This, in turn, puts pressure on all other SEO providers to speak about similar guarantees, in order to remain in competition.

Such guarantees are misleading in principle. Top rankings can’t be put on a schedule like an advertising buy. Search engine’s organic results are not for sale, and this is exactly what helps them continuously remain popular: that which cannot be bought is trustworthy.

When an SEO professional cannot achieve the scheduled organic positions, they are forced to refund perhaps thousands of dollars. Often times they can’t afford to return that money and that pushes them to undertake some kind of spamming strategy.
The Integrated SEM Approach has zero tolerance for search engine spam.

We warn you against using the spamming techniques from every possible point of view:
starting at ethical purity and up to risk measurement. Search Engine programmers are aware of each and every spamming technique that exists. They never stop teaching their spiders to recognize and ban spam sites. Those spammers who enjoy high rankings today…. tomorrow will be banned; and sued by their clients because the clients’ Web sites have been banned for spam too.

Another risk is that the competitors of the site you’ve got to the top using spam methods can explore that site and find out your SE positions are unfair. In most cases, they will report this abuse to the search engines which will lead to unconditional and serious penalties to the given site. We at Top SEO Consultants work only White Hat SEO techniques, for client sites, although we do study the dark arts so we are familiar and know how best to combat them.

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