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I thought I’d pop in and make a quick post. SEO 101 had a live show today, where we discussed how to drive more traffic on a shoestring budget! The topic stemmed from a WebProWorld Thread… join in or just wait a day or two and Brian will have it up on the podcast page! We added quite a few extra ways to generate traffic, well more than what was in the thread anyways!

Also I am looking for a company that would like to have their site added to Google Local so that I can make a How To Video for everyone’s benefit! So if you have a company, you are not currently listed in Google Local, and you have a phone number somewhere in the USA or Canada please leave a comment here or email me David AT neo1seo ;) com – Then your company can be highlighted for years to come in one of my instructional videos!

Speaking of which… I got some new software and am having a blast playing with it… so let me ask you all this? What do you want to see in a short instructional video? I’ve done 2 already (but they’re older) How to add an Alias to Gmail & RSS to HTML how to…

Any idea, or subject that you’d like to see, just leave me a comment and be sure to use a real email address just in case I have any questions for ya!


David is the SEO Chief in Geek at MIND. He used to Co-Host SEO 101 with Brian Mark where masses of newbs learn the SEO basics from square one! Have a question? Just ask or @neoblog.

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  1. Steve Baik
    September 13, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    Hey Dave any insider info on optimizing Google Local?

    this is Steve @tigervinci we handle Web design in Bellevue @DJPLB told me about your blog great stuff!

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