Please Link to Me! How to Get Big Sites to Publish Your Link

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SEO and web promotion is a task that involves a number of different factors and that is never really done. There is no ‘right way’ to do SEO either, and while you might read plenty of guidelines online, the specifics are very much open to debate and what one ‘expert’ tells you won’t always concur with the next guy.

But one thing we generally agree is very important in SEO is bringing traffic to our site by getting our links on other websites. And even more crucially it’s important to make sure that those links are high quality and relevant – it’s much better to have one link on a huge industry leading website than it is to have a million on lots of small irrelevant sites because Google is more likely to see the latter as being an attempt to spam their algorithm.

There’s just one small problem, and that’s that most big high quality sites aren’t all that eager to give links away to us little guys for nothing. But there’s good news too – which is that for the most part it’s possible to convince those webmasters if you know how and to build a relationship with them and if you know what to offer them in return. Here we’ll look at some of the best strategies you can use to get the big players to link to you.

Trade Links

Generally this strategy isn’t going to work because the kinds of link exchanges you’d want would be far more beneficial to you than they would be to the big sites. However it never hurts to ask – just make sure that you write a personal and unique message as spamming big sites is more likely to get your address blocked.

Link to Them and Write Relevant Content

One strategy is to gradually court the owners of the big sites in your field by writing about their site on yours, linking to them and writing articles that respond to theirs or elaborate on their topics. As long as you do this in a way that seems genuine it will be a great way to get them to notice you (we tend to look into the sites that are sending links our way) and to get them to think of you as another useful resource for their visitors. Commenting on their articles and being active on their forums is also a good way to build a rapport and get yourself noticed.

Write a Guest Post

Many big websites accept guest posts and content written by visitors and will offer link on their pages as incentive. If you want to be in with a good chance of this working, then make sure that you do your research, look at the other articles on their site and write something that’s very high quality. Of course if you don’t have the necessary skills you can always pay someone else to write the article for you which normally isn’t too expensive.

Write a Press Release

If the website covers the same industry that yours does, then by doing something useful, giving away a prize or releasing a product or book you can make yourself news worthy in which case it will be in the interests of their visitors to link to you in exchange.

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